In the Belly, by Eliza Orleans

One Bird Productions is actively developing Eliza Orleans' In the Belly. Our first step was a developmental workshop at Simple Studios in July 2016.

Eliza Orlean's In the Belly is a play about family, legacy, and how we shape ourselves into independent adults despite our parents’ mistakes. Brilliant, withdrawn Charlotte is about to turn 17, and as her birthday looms, she is forced to confront the violent act that defines her parents’ lives. As Charlotte wrestles with her absent father’s legacy and the grief and madness that he left behind, she must ask herself the most important question yet: how do I tell my story without telling his?


FEATURING: Deynn Pedell (AEA) as CHARLOTTE, Trace Pope as JONAH, Alison Scaramella (AEA) as MOLLY, and Bubba Weiler as ADAM, with Michael Tosto reading stage directions.

This workshop was funded by a grant from Great Performances. Thank you!

JONAH: What is your favorite kind of cake?

MOLLY: What does that have to do with the senior superlatives?

JONAH: People want to know what kind of cake a top student eats.

MOLLY: Carrot cake.

JONAH: That wasn’t an actual interview question. But it makes sense that a smart person would like cake with vegetables in it.

MOLLY: What’s your favorite kind of cake?

JONAH: Chocolate with chocolate frosting. See, I’m going nowhere.
— Eliza Orleans' IN THE BELLY